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Measuring Equipment Hire

Air Measurement Flow Hood

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    • High Quality& Precision
    • Portable & Ultra Light Weight
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Air balancing hoods provide an easy way to quickly measure the delivered airflow of an HVAC system. This instrument gives a an exact measurement on the volumes of airflow from a supply register, air outlet or return grille.


  • Airflow to outlets and return air grills
  • Airflow velocity or volume
  • Pressure instantly
  • Temperature (K or °C)
  • Hood Size adjustment to 600x600, 1200x300, 1200x600 

The Flow Hood is ideally suited for commissioning companies, facilities managers, health and safety specialists, test engineers, and test and balance professionals. 

Compuflow Thermometer & Anamometer

    • Temperature, Velocity, Humidity
    • High Quality& Precision
    • Extendable Thermometer
    • Perfect For Duct Measurement



The Indoor Air Quality CompuFlow Meter is the ideal tool for investigating indoor air quality and performing thermal comfort studies, checking ventilation systems and conducting IAQ evaluations.

The Compu Flow thermo-anemometer is a hand-held, battery powered, microprocessor based instrument capable of measuring carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2),  volumetric flow rate, air velocity, temperature, relative humidity, and calculates dew point, wet bulb temperature, and % outside air.

The unique software program incorporated into the CompuFlow allows you to take up to 1871 samples and display the average on demand. It simultaneously measures and data logs multiple parameters. The probe can extend to 43.25 inches (110 cm).

The CompuFlow kit comes in a convenient carrying case that is foam padded for maximum protection. The carrying case holds the meter, probe, and A/C adapter.


Thermoter Specifications:

  • Air Velocity (0 - 9999 ft/min) or (0 - 50 m/s)
  • Temperature

  • Relative Humidity (%RH)

  • Volumetric Flow Rate (L/s)

  • Dew Point Temperature

  • Wet Bulb Temperature

  • Measures CO & CO2

  • English & Metric Units

  • Calculates % outside air from CO2 or temperature

  • Manual or continuous data logging

  • Stores 12,700+ downloadable readings

Oventropp Waterflow Measurement

    • Designed for All Oventropp Valves
    • Temperature & Pressure
    • High Quality& Precision
    • Pick Up & Delivery

The Oventrop Waterflow OV-DMC is specially designed for flow measurements and the hydronic balancing of heating and chilled water a/c systems. By measuring the differential pressure, the valves may be regulated to obtain the optimal flow rate.

After entering the valve size and required flow rate the OV-DMC calculates the differential pressure, compares the nominal and actual values and displays the required setting. Double regulating valves may also be set after entering the valve data and nominal flow rate.

The flow-meter has a watertight and dustproof keyboard for the setting of values and resetting to zero. To ease handling, the zero balance is fully automated.

It has a programmed micro-processor offering the possibility to store characteristic pressure lines and trends.

All accessories such as operating valve keys, measuring adapters etc required for flow measurement are included in the service pack.

Measurement Range

Measurement Range:

  • Max static pressure: 10 bar
  • Differential Pressure Display: 0.1 - 1,950 mbar or -0.5 – 200kPa
  • Temperature Measuring Range: 0-100 C
  • Operating Voltage: 6V
Measuring Units

Displays the following units:

  • Flowa Rate in l/s qm/h or gal/min
  • Differential Pressure in Pa, kPa, mmWG, mbar and inwg
  • Velocity in m/s related to diameter
  • Temperature in C or F

Tour Andersson Waterflow Measurement

    • Designed for All Tour Andersson Valves
    • Temperature & Pressure
    • High Quality& Precision
    • Pick Up & Delivery

TA Hydronics specializes in all types of hyrdonic systems constant flow, variable flow, static balancing and dynamic balancing

The TA-Scope is a tough, effective balancing instrument for measuring and documenting differential pressure, flow, temperature and power in hyrdonic systems. Being robust, accurate and easy to use the TA- Scope delivers quick and cost efficient balancing with rapid troubleshooting.

The TA Balance Instrument is programmed with valve characteristic for TA balancing valves enabling measured differential pressure to be read off directly as a flow rate. 

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