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Air Balancing Services

Air Balancing & Commissioning

    • Airflow Measurement & Calibration
    • Water Flow Measurement & Calibration
    • Temperature Control Adjustment
    • Air Outlet Installation & Relocation
    • Sensor Installation & Calibration
    • Room Differential Pressure Balance

Freezing or feeling hot at your work station?

At AirBC, we provide your air balancing and commissioning needs in order to comfort everyone in the working environment.  With sturdy and precise measuring equipment we’ll modify the air and water flow until you and your employees are satisfied. 

Why is balancing necessary?

Hydronic and Air Balancing is a set of means and methods for making hydronic systems readily controllable so they provide the intended indoor climate at minimum operating costs. It is a solution by which piece of mind can be awarded to all persons involved in a project. For the design consultant, balancing is an inexpensive insurance policy against loss of professional reputation. For the operations staff, it is a potent prescription for trouble free operation and ease of maintenance. For the property owner it is a long term guarantee against excessive operating costs.

“So the air conditioner is that easy to maintain, just an on/off switch?”

“Standing here with the aircon, doesn’t make me want to go outside at all”

“You’re a life saver! We were beginning to melt in the Sydney sun"